Here's a shot of Jerry Simon exercising his Renegade on Lake Monona after a successful stern transplant (the boat, not Jerry!). March 6, 1977
Photo Credit: Mark Langenfeld

Until 2002, the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club held meetings at 2915 Atwood Avenue for close to 40 years. These photos, taken by Mark Langenfeld,
were taken on January 10, 1979 when the place was called Bud's House of Sandwiches.
We now meet at another of Madison's historical watering holes, The Bar Next Door.
[UPDATE 2009: The club is once again meeting in this location, now known as The Glass Nickel Pizza Company.]
Secretary Chuck Dykman, left, and Commodore Don Ermer, right, doing their best to preserve some semblance of order. Sharp-eyed viewers will pick out Mauretta Mattison, Mike McCormick, Jim Payton, Bill McCormick, Barb Arnold, AJ Whitehorse, and Bill Mattison in the background.

The legendary Jack Ripp/Bill Mattison duo engaged in some "smart talk."

The irrepressible Art Jark in a rare moment of silent reflection.

Chief Judge Jimmy Payton about to ask Bill Mattison to go fill the pitcher.