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2007-2008 Season

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March 16, 2008
Fauerbach Pennant Back on Fauerbach Ice Boat
Then ...


This shot of Emil Fauerbach's Princess II is from the first Northwest Ice Yacht Regatta sailed in Menominee, Michigan in 1913. Note the Fauerbach pennant which always flew on the Princess boats.
...And 95 Years Later

Photo Credit: Geoff Sobering
Here's Emil's great great nephew (not sure how many greats in there-ed.), Peter Fauerbach proudly flying the Fauerbach pennant on his Renegade on March 16, 2008.
A few weeks ago, 4LIYC Club Historian Greg Whitehorse happened to be moving some boxes around in his garage containing old club trophies and memorabilia. Deciding to take a closer look, Greg discovered the old  Fauerbach pennant folded in the bottom of the box. He brought it to Lake Mendota today so that the latest Fauerbach to sail an ice boat could follow in the family tradition. Peter writes, "Be sure to thank Greg Whitehorse for us. This is likely about 100 years old. It is a sewn on Fauerbach on a thin cotton navy background – very light to give a good indication of wind.
I’m really touched by this find. I have been searching for any remnant of the Princess for 15 years. Now my search is over!!!!!"

May 9, 2008
Little Red Updated #2: Back in Madison!

Byron Tetzlaff & Ed Newcomb Photo Credit: Geoff Sobering
I received an unexpected email from Byron Tetzlaff this week that the little red stern-steerer is in his garage ready for restoration. To recap (original post below), the boat had been hanging in a basement on Park Street in Madison for quite a few decades when the Commodore of Lake Pepin, Ed Newcomb, purchased her as a restoration project. Ed discovered a metal plate engraved with the builder's name, Frank Tetzlaff, attached to the boat. Frank's grandson, Byron, contacted Ed to make arrangements just to see the boat.

Here's the rest of the story from Byron: "I wanted to send you a sincere thank you. I was talking to Ed Newcomb about coming up to Pepin to take some pictures of the little boat. During the email exchange, he offered to sell it for his purchase price and some gas money. Long story short... It's now in my garage, just beginning the process of restoration. I had my folks come and look at it, and there were a few misty eyes. (must have got something in Another bit of trivia... at the very end of the 4LIYC "video tape", (not the CD) the short takes of a little stern steerer on Monona bay are the same boat. If anyone knows of the family that owned it, it would be one more piece of info for the history of the boat. Once again, I owe a very big thank you to Ed Newcomb.
Thanks guys
B jr."

I'm happy to report that Lake Pepin ice boater Ed Newcomb purchased the little red stern steerer that was for sale recently on the Buy and Sell page. The boat was hanging in an old sporting goods store in Madison for many years and Ed plans to restore her. Ed writes, "The little red boat is very similar to a plan published in a 1938 Mechanics Illustrated magazine, which was more of a full how to build an iceboat article. Only differences are the addition of a jib and a gull wing plank. Should be a fun little boat when I get it back together. Pepin had a wonderful iceboat season this year, unfortunately it was only one day long! We did get our old family boat "Comet" re-done with a brand new gaff rig. I have been sailing this boat since my dad built it in 1960. UPDATE: The Little Red Stern Steerer was built by Frank Tetzlaff, builder of the Mary B and the Fritz. Ed writes, "When I was putting the boat away for the summer, I noticed that the aluminum plate covering the steering runner post was stamped. Although badly pitted, when I got it in under the shop lights, I could read the builder's name:
Built by
Frank Tetzlaff
Madison, Wis

Best regards
Lake Pepin Ice Yacht Club"

Saturday, January 12, 2008
West End of Lake Mendota
Via Jori Lenon,"The DNs sailed two races. First race: 1st Jori Lenon, 2nd Joye Ebert, 3rd Jim Kalupa. Second race: 1st Joye Ebert, 2nd Jori Lenon, 3rd Jim Kalupa.

The Renegades sailed a few races and Geoff will give you their report.

In between running the races, Geoff took Jori's newest boat version, which contains half his old boat parts, out for a lap and caught a nice ride. Some, but not all DNs and Renegades, had to get out a push once or twice. The sailors enjoyed chili, gumbo and the Packer game at Jeff Russell and Rhonda Arries' lake house. Thank you, Jeff and Rhonda!"

Don Anderson

Geoff Sobering


Jeff Russell

Jerry Simon


Jim Kalupa

Jori Lenon


Race ready

Renegades Go!


Geoff Sobering, Jerry Simon, Greg Simon, Ron Rosten, Thor Rosten, Jerry Ebert, & Joye Ebert wait out the early morning snow.

Saturday, January 5, 2008
West End of Lake Mendota
Thirteen Renegades, five Nites, four Skeeters, and about twenty DNs came to race on Mendota today. There were DNs from all over the Midwest including Minnesota, Green Lake, Lake Geneva, and Pewaukee. The Renegades were able to sail two races in wet conditions in medium to light winds. George Gerhardt won both races with a commanding lead and when asked what his speed secrets were, George replied, "Well, every dog has its day". Mike Ripp and Tim McCormick took seconds. Chris Croasdale won the DN race while Tom Hyslop won the Skeeter race. The ice and landing are rapidly deteriorating in the warm temperatures and there will be no racing on Sunday, January 6, 2008.

Good to see our friend Craig Wilson with his Kite Cam on the ice Saturday. These are from Craig's website.

Here's Bill Mattison in his Skeeter.

Tom Hyslop's Skeeter.


DNs waiting to race.

DNs line up to race.


Here's a Nite ice boat.

Photos by Jim Carrier

Ron Rosten


Pewaukee Nites

Jeff Russell


Nite Skipper Paul Bate.


Photos by Lori Conner

Hiking Out

DN race winner Chris Croasdale


Capitol view with Jack Ripp

Doug Kolner in Cold Fusion


 Carmen Diaz makes an appearance.

Don Anderson in Easy Rider


George Gerhardt in Frozen Assets




Here are some photos from Allen Penticoff:

The Aftermath
Long-time Skeeter pilot Paul Krueger had a nasty flip that broke the mast, shattered the cockpit cover, and sent him to the hospital with a broken leg.


Tim & Andy McCormick

Greg & Jerry Simon


George Gerhardt

Friday, January 4, 2008
West end of Lake Mendota
DNs, Renegades, a Nite or two, and a couple of Skeeters took advantage of one of the best days of ice boating that the Four Lakes has seen in a long time. Winds were steady and perfect while the ice was hard and not too bumpy. About ten DNs with a large contingency from Pewaukee kept busy racing and tuning all day. Every time I looked, Jim Gluek was out in front by a half a lap in the DN class. Renegade skippers took turns winning in the morning while Don Anderson won both in the afternoon. The batteries in my camera died before I could get some shots of the DNs and other boats. Bill Korsgard was set up at the bottom mark and will have some good video of the DNs and Renegades in a day or so.

DN Race

Here's video shot by Bill Korsgard of Friday's racing action when the conditions were much better. Links to Bill's other two videos from Friday:
Renegade Race Part 1 
Renegade Race Part 2
DN Race (as seen above)


Below, some long shots taken by Allen Penticoff


More photos by Allen Penticoff.