A New Hull for the Deb

November 15, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 13

Via Todd Knop: The sanding and coating was completed last night. The Cabbage Patch gang has only to mount the end caps and the steering post. The caps have been fabricated and are out at the polisher and should be installed by Turkey Day. The planned ship date is Nov. 26 for final fit-out at Mike's shop.

November 8, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 12

Via Todd Knop: Well, Bill said good bye to the Cabbage Patch for this project. Rick, Bill and Jess shaped the Deb to the final profile. The end caps are being fabricated now. One final finish sand, two coat of epoxy and installation of the end caps and steering post and she will be ready to travel, Rick hopes by this weekend.

November 4, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 11

Via Todd Knop: Saturday, Nov. 4 brought the final closure on the Deb project. The top and bottom boards were attached. The work began at 9:45 and was complete by 11:30. The work remaining before shipment to the Great White North are as follows: Remove clamps, plane, shape and sand hull, install rudder post and fabricate and fit end caps. Bill is due back on Tuesday and it won’t take long to clean up this list.


Glue Party! A New Hull for the Deb: Part 10

By Deb:The day started well enough as Ron Rosten drove Bill, Mauretta, Jack, and myself to the Cabbage Patch-that is until Bill's transmission went up in a puff of smoke and left us stranded near Sullivan. One call to the Cabbage Patch and help was quickly dispatched in the form of Keith Haas and his Explorer. We arrived just a bit behind schedule at 10 AM. Between 40-50 people were there to help glue the sides on the 'Deb. Along with the rest of the Cabbage Patch, Debutante owner and Skipper Mike Derusha of the Menekaunee Ice Boat Club took part in the day's fun. The Lake Lake Winnebago contingent was well represented by Dave Lallier, Marv Luck, and Mike Peters. Good to see long time ice boater Charlie Miller back in the neighborhood again. A skipper from Wisconsin's West Coast, Ed Newcomb, made the long drive as did Michigan's Chip Sawyer to be part of this historic event. The epoxy mixing station was operated by Jane Pegel with help from Bob. Rick Hennig reported 547 clamps were used and said they'll recount when the clamps are removed. A tasty lunch of fried chicken, roast beef sandwiches, potato salad, and of course, Wisconsin cheese was provided. We hitched a ride back to Madison with 4LIYCers Don Sanford and Geoff Sobering.

Bill Mattison was everywhere, making sure the gluing and clamping was done correctly.

Here's Don Sanford...

...and Jack Ripp.

Here's Jane...

..and the action at the glue table.

The traditional signing of the boat side before it's glued, an ice boating time capsule.

Calm before the storm.

Just some of the clamps.

Mauretta signs the inside of the boat.

Jack Ripp adds his signature.

Bob Pegel, Jack, and Bill.

Bill explains the
game plan to the crowd.

Rick listens as Bill explains.

Even Rick's parents lend a hand with the gluing.

Glue is on.

Getting ready to attach the boat sides.

Sides are on!

Working fast to apply the clamps.

Rick quickly hands out clamps like a surgeon in an operation room.

Everyone attaching clamps.

Mike Peters.

Bill's son, Billy, grandson, Will, granddaughter Abby, and wife, Mauretta.

Mike Derusha thanks everyone who came and asks them to sign the pennant.

547 clamps?

October 25, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 9

Via Todd Knop:With the gluing scheduled, the work that remains has to be completed! Both side boards are glued, rough sanded, have been run through the planer, and now are at finished thickness. The trick is running the 54 foot long boards with an 18” thickness through the planer and it is quite a sight to see. The side boards are trimmed to near the finished size and hung on the frame to set the location marks for gluing and also to trace the frame on the side board that allows the carbon reinforcing to be applied between the frames. This work is being done today. Bill, Rick and Jess with some help from the crew will have this ready for Saturday.

October 20, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 8

Via Todd Knop:Bill finished up at the Cabbage Patch for another week with the completion of the gluing of one of the side boards and sanding the cage ready for side application. The other side will be glued on Sunday with the anticipated return of Bill on Tuesday to finish plane the sides and apply the carbon reinforcing to the inside of the side boards. The plan is to glue the side boards on Oct 28 in the morning. This is the official notice to all participants, visitor and guests or interested parties that the Cabbage Patch will be open. Mike is working on the sustenance so it sounds like a Happening.

October 12, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 7

Via Todd Knop:SHAZAM : You don’t show up for a day and they get the cage for the Hull assembled. Bill and Rick finished the new stations for the construction and then assembled the bulkheads to the chines creating the frame of hull. The side boards were edge planed and top and bottom boards were scarfed for length. All material is now at length, the first side board will be glued today with the other side done before the end of the weekend. The pictures are of the cage, gluing the top and bottom board, the side board pieces, and the crew taking a break.

The crew taking a break

October 12, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 6

Via Todd Knop:Along with Wednesday night snow flurries came a very busy night at the Old Cabbage Patch. Bill has the bulkheads up at his shop making the cut outs for the chines. He figures that by Tuesday of next week all the parts should be ready to assemble the cage. The Cabbage Patch kids were busy getting the side board pieces scarfed to length and rough planed to thickness. With the Deb destined to have a clear finish more time is being spent selecting the clearest boards for laminating. The stations are off the storage rack and being modified to the heights required by the Deb lofting. This weekend should wrap up these tasks and get the summer boat tucked away for a well deserved rest

October 4, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 5

Via Todd Knop:The Deb project has now moved to high gear. Bill came in for a two day visit and in that time the lofting was completed and the end blocks were cut. Bill, still recovering from a recent knee replacement surgery, pushed on to complete the work at hand. The bulkheads were cut ready for the wood backing to be bonded. Now Bill can do the final cutting to accept the chines. Once the bulkheads are cut, the skeleton can be assembled.

end blocks

The lofting

Rick takes a break after Bill leaves.

The end blocks with the plywood bulkhead (7 foot Deb) and Rocky the layout man.

October 3, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 4

Made a few pounds of sawdust and chips tonight. Imagine running 60 foot lengths of spruce through a planer. You need a 60 foot infeed table and a 60 foot out feed table. We finished the chines for the Deb tonight. Started out with 2 inch rough sawn sitka spruce and finished it to 1.5 inches. (I think) With storms on the horizon and the Packers on ESPN we needed to make haste and we got the job done in about an hour. We now have 4 - 60 long noodles ready for bulkheads. Boy they look nice. Rick and Bill should be lofting for the next 2 days and maybe we'll be scarfing sideboards by the weekend.

Queens Cup Deja Vu.
I had the pleasure of racing the Queens Cup on Rick's ID48 "Wild Horses" this summer. After pulling an all nighter on a one legged horse race and almost making bar time in Michigan, we were surprised at who was there to catch our dock lines. Fellow stern steerer Mike Peters was the friendly face in the dark that helped us dock the boat. Mike was on Winddancer that I think is a GL70. With sunrise right around the corner we decided that we might as well stay up and solve all the iceboat problems with the upcoming season just around the corner. We pulled out around 7:00 am to head back to Racine. We hope to be able to help Mike with his docklines next year.

See you on the ice or at the cabbage patch
Keith Haas

October 2, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 3

Via Todd Knop: Well, another Friday night session netted a final sawing of the top and bottom boards; of course, as luck would have it, the board was the bottom board in the stack. The stack needed to be reorganized anyway, good thing young Jess was there to help the old guys with the long boards. The table was once again set up in the building mode and the end blocks were planed ready for Bill’s arrival on Tuesday. The lofting is the first order of business and Mike had sent dimensional information for Bill to review. By the end of the week the bulk heads should be cut and chines scaffed for length. The frame won’t be far off.

Rick with the remains of the spruce pile
after two A – stern steerers.

The Deb wood on the floor

The table setup

Rick and Keith with the end blocks

September 18, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Part 2

Via Todd Knop: A special Friday night session was called to complete the sawing of the side boards and end blocks. The only cutting that remains is the top and bottom boards. This week's pictures are of the saw set up and the additional clamps that were recently acquired, including the new clamp tree that is as tall as Rick. The only other gossip is that Jay got the purse back and now wants to build a sister to the Bull. So the cutting isn’t done after all.

September 12, 2006

A New Hull for the Deb: Some History

The Carl Bernard Scrapbooks contain the history of about every stern-steerer that ever sailed in the Midwest. Since the Cabbage Patch boys are gearing up to build a new hull for Mike Derusha's Debutante III, your webmaster has looked through some of the scrapbook pages for some Debutante III history. Here's what famous historian and Eastern ice boater Ray Ruge wrote about the Deb III in 1949:

"Douglass and Camp Van Dyke's Debutante III of Oshkosh, Wisconsin built at Poughkeepsie [New York] by George Buckout in 1915, is Jack Frost all over again-and she still takes her share of Stuart Cup heats, though forced to don a Marconi-rig in 1936. Truly, the old type has proven itself.....In 1920, Debutante III defeated Kalamazoo's famous Wolverine to lift the Stuart Cup, and Michigan gave way to Wisconsin as the home of big-boat supremacy. Michigan came back in the late 1930s, with the Detroit of Joe Lodge's Deuce III and Rex Jacob's Ferdinand the Bull, taking first the Stuart and then the Hearst back with them. Deb III, sailed by John Buckstaff, has had a see saw tussle with them ever since, and the Stuart passes from Oshkosh to Detroit and back regularly."

September 11, 2006

Part 1:New Hull for the Debutant

Via Todd Knop:
Well, as the soft water season nears the end, the Cabbage Patch has once again come to life. The task at hand is a new hull for the Debutante. The last few weeks have brought about a cleanup of the shop and a new roller in-feed and out-feed setup for the table saw. Just what the Doctor or should I say Chiropractor in my case ordered. The Pile of Spruce was sorted with the material for chines, side boards, top and bottom selected for cutting. Saw operations started Saturday with the chines and half the side boards cut. The remaining sides will be cut in the next week and the Table can be reassembled so scarfing for length can begin. We are waiting for the lofting to start bulk head cutting but that is expected in the near future. Sorry, no pictures this time, I forgot my camera but that won’t happen again.