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Carl Bernard Scrapbook Project

Message from the 2006-2007 4LIYC Commodore, Doug Kolner:
I would like to thank all those who came from far and wide for your generous help with our scrapbook project. We exceeded our goal and can now continue with the project on a sound footing.

Special thanks to Debbie and Harry Whitehorse for opening their home and gallery for the fund-raiser; Dick and Mary Lichtfeld for the fantastic food, sweatshirts, as well as displaying the Miss Madison; Peter Fauerbach for the beer (Emil would be proud); Tim Stanton for calendar and card production; and Jerry Simon for his many hours at the donation table.

Extra-special thanks to Debra Bernard Ericksen and Mary Bernard Ohrt for their attendance and their generous gift of a very personal collection of family memorabilia.

In addition we must thank Tim Murray for spearheading this project and his countless hours reproducing the scrapbook for preservation. Look for a continuous update of the web-accessible Bernard Collection as Deb Whitehorse builds a "Virtual Museum" of iceboating history.

Sincerely, Doug Kolner Commodore Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club October 2006

List of Contributors to the Carl Bernard Scrapbook Collection

Andy Devine

Ann Waidelich

Barbara Fess-daughter of Perry Fess

Bill and Mauretta Mattison 4LIYC

Bill Bernard Seliger-nephew of Carl Bernard

Bill Korsgard 4LIYC

Bob and Jane Pegel SIBC Bob Brockel-4LIYC

Bob & Luann Kau 4LIYC Bruce McConnell

Burly & Donna Brellenthin SIBC

Byron Tetzlaff-son of Frank Tetzlaff, builder of Fritz & Mary B

Chip Sawyer WMIYC

Chuck & Bonnie Dykman 4LIYC

Chuck Miller 4LIYC

Daniel Hearn 4LIYC

Darcy Whitehorse-in honor of Vic Whitehorse

David Butler 4LIYC

David Lallier Flying Dutchmen FIYC

David Mollenhoff

Dean Derusha

Harry & Debra Whitehorse 4LIYC

Dick Ela-The Menace- 4LIYC Don & Beth Anderson 4LIYC Don Ermer 4LIYC

Don & Barb Sanford 4LIYC Doug Kolner 4LIYC

Ellis Waller

Fred Balmer Gary Hess

Geoff & Denise Sobering 4LIYC

Grant Frautschi 4LIYC

Greg, Hope, Meta, & Fritz Simon 4LIYC

Greg Whitehorse 4LIYC

Hank Bush-The Roundy

Harry and Gloria Melges-The Bull-SIBC

Jack Bolz 4LIYC

Jack Fadness

Jack Ripp 4LIYC

Jeff Russell 4LIYC

Jerome Frautschi

Jerry & Joye Ebert4LIYC Jerry Simon4LIYC

Jim Rothman

Joe Silverberg

John Harper

John Lamont 4LIYC

Ken Johnson 4LIYC

Ken Koscik

Keith Rosenbaum

Ken Schmitt

Lorie Lunder Krajco-daughter of Jim Lunder

Mark & Lynn Langenfeld 4LIYC (Lynn is former club historian)

Mary Hobbins

Steve & Mary Jane Schalk SIBC

Michael Derusha-Debutante- in honor of Bill Mattison

Mike Burns 4LIYC

Mike Butler 4LIYC

Mike Hunt

Mike McCormick 4LIYC

Mike Mullarkey 4LIYC

Nancy Baillies

Norm Sannes

Jim McCormick Twin Beds Paul & Dianne McMillan 4LIYC

Peter Fauerbach & Maggie Zoeller 4LIYC

Peter Okray

Rich and Barb Moe-granddaughter of Camp VanDyke

Richard & MariAnn Lichtfeld-Miss Madison

Rick Hennig-The Deuce

Rite Engineering & The Cabbage Patch in honor of Bill Mattison

Robert Day-grandson of Andy Flom

Ron Antonelli

Ron Rosten 4LIYC

Sally Sheperdson

Sam Harper

Scott Grosjean 4LIYC

Steve Holtzman

Steve Lunder-son of Jim Lunder

Susie Pegel SIBC

Sybil Knop

Tim & JoAnne Stanton 4LIYC Todd Knop The Deuce

Tom Hyslop 4LIYC

Travis Berggren 4LIYC

Trey Sprinkman 4LIYC

Tyler Sternberg 4LIYC

Wes Wilcox 4LIYC

Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association

Harry Melges (Buddy's father)
wins the 1947 Class E
NIYA Championship.

1947 regatta news...

Spectacular shot of a
Lake Winnebago stern
steerer just before she
went over.

1949 article about
Andy Flom and Jim Lunder
and their Hearst win
in the Fritz.

Here's Rosie McDonald
on Lake Monona tapping
into a barrel Fauerbach.
Notice the Faurebach brewery
in the background.

The perils of spring

Carl captioned this
slide "Repair job-
Jim Payton &
Dave Schmidt".

Carl captioned this
slide "Clancy".

Great shot of
Elmer Millenbach, inventor
of the Renegade .

Bill Perrigo

1930 Hearst with all
the important names
in ice boating.

1939 Hearst timing
sheet. The race was
timed by Lolly Boston.
Also a nice photo
of the Deuce.

Stern steerer
models created by
Carl Bernard.

models including
one of the Princess.

1934 Stuart Races
with ice boat legend
John Buckstaff

The christening
of the Mary B.,
Madison's Queen
of the Lakes.

Charlie Johnson
gets ready to
send them off.

Building Mary
B's plank in

Carl Bernard,
O.T. Havey,
Norm Braith,
and Charlie Johnson

O.T. Havey,
original owner
of the Mary B.
He commissioned
Frank Tetzlaff to
build the boat.