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Euronews (German)

European IDNIYRA
Your portal to all European Ice Sailing

Ice Sailing Association "De Robben" Netherlands

Stichting IJsschuiten Gouwzee Netherlands

Sailing on Ice
The Isabella Ice Boat from Sweden.

Swedish Ice Yacht Federation

Swedish Ice Yacht Federation
Fiskeboda Now offering ice sailing rentals and instruction.


The Carl Bernard Scrapbooks
Legends on ice: Interest renewed in Madison's ice-boating past
By Chris Martell,
Wisconsin State Journal

Canadian Heritage Gallery
Could a motorcycle outrace a stern steerer back in 1911?

Capital of Winter Sports Awaits Video Report From WMTV Channel 15

Every picture tells a story
Carl Bernard scrapbooks chronicle Madison iceboat history
by David Medaris

The Fast and the Frosted
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's January 2003 article about various attempts to make or break the ice boating speed record.

Forbes Magazine:
Shiver Me Timbers

Daniel Fisher
Going 100mph-plus in an antique ice yacht can make ordinary sailing feel downright pedestrian. Snowflake. Icicle. Avalanche. Ferdinand the Bull. Names of ice yachts from the golden era of ice sailing typically commingled whimsy with menace--and for good reason.

Frosty Fun
"Ice sailors...they're mad!" Watch this video for CNN filmed in Russia

Frozen Assets
A website story and photo gallery posted in conjunction with Wisconsin Public Television's "Wisconsin Stories" series.

NY Times: Living Here
Houses Near Ice Boating
Fun When It Freezes

How To Build a Hudson River Ice Yacht
While plumbing the depths of Google for some content, I found this historic article written by Charles Farnum and published in Scribners Magazine in 1881.

Hudson River Ice Yachts
Fond recollections about some Hudson River ice boat skippers.

Magic on Elk Lake in Michigan
"The greatest rush that you're ever going to get."

Museum Object of the Week:
Carl Bernard Ice Boat Model

The Wisconsin Historical Society features one of Carl Bernard's ice boat models on their website.

National Public Radio
Only a Game.

Listen to this radio report from the historic Red Bank Ice Yacht Club in New Jersey broadcast in February 2003. Via Boston's NPR.


UW Center for Limnology
A facility that grew out of almost one hundred years of observing Lake Mendota, the Center for Limnology was established in July 1982 to plan, conduct, and facilitate inland freshwater research. Find Lake Mendota's temperature, freeze/thaw dates, and much, much more.

Live Controllable Lake Cam
Looks out over Lake Mendota and the west end of the UW campus. A great time-waster.

Live Lake Mendota Web Camera
Take in a live scenic view of Lake Mendota from the University of Wisconsin campus. If you're lucky, you might see some ice boats or sailboats.

UW Madison Union Lake Mendota Webcam
A great place to pull up in an ice boat and enjoy lunch.

Madison's Climate Profile
Discover Madison's climate normals, lake ice summary, winter climate in past El Ninos and La Ninas in this comprehensive weather site put together by the Wisconsin Climatology Office.

Madison Lakes Ice Summary
Madison lake ice records from 1852 through the present.


Bill Mattison Interview
Download and listen to this podcast interview (in an mp3 file) recorded by Quantum's Zack Clayton with 4LIYC Skeeter Skipper Emeritus Bill Mattison. Save it on your computer, Ipod, or burn to a CD. It will make for great listening next time you make the drive to a regatta. We are hoping to record our own podcasts for this website soon.


Elk Lake, Elk Rapids, Michigan
Ice Boating Ice boating will be broadcasting when there are boats on the ice at Elk Lake. Check back often or watch our website for notice of when it will be on.

Geneva Lake Webcam in WI
At George Williams College Camp overlooking Geneva Lake. Jane Pegel emails more information about this webcam: "The web cam located at the Aurora University George Williams Campus on Geneva Lake is not in Williams Bay, although the campus lies within the village limits. It is on the north shore approximately half way between Fontana and Williams Bay. The view from the web cam shows what is essentially the area of the west end of the lake on which the ISA regatta was sailed the last time it was on Geneva. It is also the area on which we sailed and held club races in early February, 2007. This is the deepest part of Geneva Lake, about 135 ft. deep, and is always the last area to freeze. The average freeze date is around January 21st. The east end of the lake freezes first as it is not as deep. Sometimes we are able to sail on the east end at Christmas. The area off the Trinke Estates public launch is large enough for a regatta. In that area we have held Northwest regattas and in 1993 held the DN Worlds with 183 entries. As the freeze works it's way to the west, we access the ice at various launch sites to take advantage of the newest ice. The second freeze stage is between The Narrows and Cedar Point. We have held regattas in this area too, but it is only one mile north and south so is a little narrow in a north or south wind. The third freeze is usually the area from Cedar Point to Fontana (i.e., the web cam view).We call this the "main lake" and it is the best place to sail and race."

Geneva Lake,
Gage Marine, Williams Bay, WI

Geneva Lake,
Gordy's Boat Sales,
Fontana, WI

Lake Mendota, Madison, WI
from somewhere on UW Campus

Live Controllable Lake Cam
Looks out over Lake Mendota and the west end of the UW campus. A great time-waster.

Live Lake Mendota Web Camera
Take in a live scenic view of Lake Mendota from the University of Wisconsin campus. If you're lucky, you might see some ice boats or sailboats.

UW Madison Union Lake Mendota Webcam
A great place to pull up in an ice boat and enjoy lunch.

Toledo Ice Yacht Club Maumee Bay Web Cam


Badger Blokart Club
Wisconsin based Blokart club.

Land-sailing carts

Lincolnshire Landyacht Club
British land sailor and ice sailor Gareth Rowland's site is informative and always up-to-date. Gareth's a DN sailor who usually blogs the DN World's in Europe.

Landsailor and Iceboat Design and Construction
Montana sailor John Eisenlohr's website covers his winged ice boat and information on a new class based on wing development.

North American Land Sailing Association

Hall of Fame: Favorite Links

Riding the Silver Bullet on the Great South Bay

Three Kings of Ice Boating: Mattison, Melges, & Harken

Ice boating Barnegat Bay.
UPDATE: Henry Bossett provided some more information about the video. The producer, Peter Slack, is part of a local E-Scow family from Barnegat Bay. His family lives on the Toms River in NJ and that is where he got the ice footage, about three years ago. The band JET, is an Australian group. He has done MTV stuff , and thus the nature of the ice footage and combining the two. Link to Pete Slack's company, Godfather Productions.
Tip of the Helmet, Henry Bossett

DN 5214 Video Minnesota DNer and Silver fleet winner Jim McDonagh is putting Lay-Day to good use. Check out this awesomely awesome video.

Harken Video: Addicted To Speed
From Charlotte at Harken: "Learn why hard water sailors are addicted to speed. Check out this video of stern steerers, Skeeters, Nites, and DNs burning up the ice - and the spectacular spinout by DEUCE, the largest stern steerer in the world."

Harken Video:
Three Kings of Ice Boating

From Charlotte at Harken: "You gotta love iceboaters, you simply gotta. And here’s your chance to listen to three kings of the ice. Get the inside scoop on this X-treme sport from master speedsters Buddy Melges, Peter Harken, and Bill Mattison in their freewheeling Q & A held at the Chicago Strictly Sail Boat Show."

Peter Harken On Ice Boat Speeds From Scuttlebutt News
"Have these boats gone faster? Probably as they can do 5 to 6 times the speed of the wind, but I haven't seen it in all my years because we're not really interested in records, we're course racing and that for me is fast enough, thank you! There have been faster claims, but accurately measured, uh maybe! Hey, our speed is greatest when there is a little water on the much deeper 'hard water' to juice up our runners - so would that count as a legitimate 'sailing boat' speed?" Read the article here from Scuttlebutt News.

Computer Ice Boat Game
Here's a free "fun to play" computer ice boat game that you can download.

Iphone Wind App
" Wind Meter - use your iPhone to measure wind speed. Wind Meter works by measuring the volume of the wind on your iPhone microphone and converts it into a wind speed reading." The company says, "it’s been in the top five paid downloaded weather applications for three weeks". An app for the ipod Touch should be availabe soon. Heck, for .99, you can't go wrong. More information here.

Popular Science Magazine
"Ice Boat" Archive

"Ice Yacht" Archive

Odd Ice Boat Has Pivoted Sail of Wood

German Ice Zepplin

Four Runner Craft That Carries 6 Passengers


Composite Concepts
35940 Carlisle Street
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035 Phone: 586-790-5557
DN World Champion Ron Sherry's company has both DN and Ice Opti parts available.

CSI-Composite Solutions
DN sailor Jeff Kent's company, CSI combines technology and the experience of world class competitors totaling at least 10 World Champions into all of it's products. Whether it's a small fitting or a spar, performance is the underlying goal.

Dave's Machining
David L. Yeadon
402 Milwaukee Ave.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Dave's Machining offers a large range of DN parts. Call or email Dave for a price list.

Dieball Sailing
"Dieball Sailing is the newest and freshest sailmaking group in the United States. Born from years of work with the larger sail lofts (formerly North Sails Toledo/Cleveland and Quantum Sails Toledo/Cleveland), in 2009 we decided it was time to do our own thing."

Don Sanford's
Commodore’s Marine

We have a huge selection of hardware and parts for sail and power boats. We feature items by Harken, Ronstan, North Sails, Perko, Beckson and much more. We also stock music, decorative items for your home or boathouse, special gift items and the occasional collectible. We’ve been on the water for more than 50 years under both sail and power. All our transactions are done through eBay’s secure services. Trust our experience and buy with confidence. All items are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Harken Yacht Equipment
Home of the famous Harken blocks. Based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, the Harkens are naturally ice boat skippers.

Iceboat Graphics
by Marketing Acuity

Hull numbers and ice boat graphics. Great looking vinly graphics to complement and enhance your craftsmanship. DN hull numbers, boat names, country flag graphics, and custom graphics. Be visible and safe with fluorescent safety stripes and graphics. Easy, secure online ordering.

McCormick Lumber
3156 Milwaukee Street
Madison, WI
Your supplier for Sitka spruce, West System Epoxy, and many other ice boating related items. The McCormick family has been sailing ice boats with the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club for over 50 years.

North Sails New Jersey
See Henry Bossett's page dedicated to ice boat sails.

North Sails Zenda, WI
"Melges is very pleased to announce that the Zenda, Wisconsin based organization is ready to be able to be able to help the iceboating and land-sailing community of sailors with new sails, battens, covers and other racing materials. With the addition of Jim Gluek the Melges Team is now fully geared toward being able to service your iceboating needs. Jim is an excellent ice boater with the eagerness to help customers enjoy the sport further. His expertise in sailmaking is a wonderful addition to the Melges Team."
2011 Price List
262-275-9728 ask for Jim Gluek, Harry Melges, Andy Burdick or Charlie Harrett.
262-227-6686 /

Northwind Ice Boats
80 Twin Fawn Drive
Hanover, MA 02339
(781) 826-8004
FAX (781) 826-2474
Steve Duhamel's company offers a complete line of DN parts and gear.

RKR Composites
"For 14 years Bob Rast and RKR Composites have been developing composite DN masts. The end result is their line of extremely durable, competitive DN racing masts available at affordable prices."

Sailing Specialists
PO Box 40
Williams Bay, WI 53191
(Note, we no longer have a FAX line and the business phone has been transfered to the house)
Contact: Bob or Jane Pegel
Now stocking Sarns runners and hardware, and everything else related to ice boating.

Sarns Hardware
Since 1951, Sarns hardware has been a major supplier of ice boat hardware including Sarns runners.

Skimmer 45
We hold the trademark and manufacture of the Skimmer 45® (formerly Lockley Skimmer 45) Iceboat. We are also a Vanguard Dealer, so we can meet your sailing needs year round.

The T-Hound / mast rotator / spreader bar fitting thatyou may have seen in action on DN 5224 (the neon yellow boat at the 2007 Worlds) is now available. There are a number of makes and models in use but if I may say so, this version is pretty sweet. It all but eliminates mast inversions, is very clean aerodynamically and allows full articulation at the shroud attachment. They look good too! Available to fit either T-Hound (Kent) or tang-style (Sherry) mast hounds. Designed for DNs but at least one is in use on a Jet 14. We have them for sale- Call or email for pics and price!

Williams Infusion
Composite DN Masts "Using Technology to build better parts." Now making Ice Opti youth ice boats.

Windward Boatworks
Suppliers of custom gear boxes for DN and Nite iceboats. Wire rigging, fiberglass supplies and custom composite work. We also do custom iceboat painting as well. 608-575-8033
W5302 Bend Rd
Princeton, Wi 54968

Wing Masts
The ST 49 is a small,inexpensive, open design, box rule wingboat class. Initial testing has the STprototype hitting over 71mph Cruising speed- 60mph in 15 mph winds. If you want to build your own mainwing and flap I'm selling complete rib kits for- $170.00. Patterns - $30.00
John Eisenlohr telephone- 406 844-2168
Lakeside MT.

Light weight (3 oz.) and compact (5" x 3" x ¾") ultrasonic wind meter uses patented technology to read current wind speed, highest positive speed (headwind), lowest negative speed (tailwind),
5-second average, and running average.

Yankee Ice Yacht Plans
For complete set of Yankee blue prints, contact the Yankee Ice Yacht Association c/o Mark Hancik, 305 Dey Grove Rd.
Monroe Twp., NJ 08831
732 446 4377
The cost is $75.00 US plus shipping, there are 26 pages of prints and all the frames are drawn to full size.


Bill Dale Land Sailor Flip
See video still frames of Pewaukee & 4LIYC Skeeter skipper Bill Dale's spectacular flip and upright landing in his land sailor posted on John Eisenlohr's website.

4LIYC DN sailor Geoff Sobering
A miscellaneous collection of iceboating pages, with an emphasis on practical tips and "how to/not-to" pages.

Miss Wisconsin Land Ice Yacht Daniel Kampo's quest to establish a world speed record on land and on ice, piloting a wind driven yacht.

The Ice Yachts of Fauerbach Brewery
Madison, Wisconsin's Fauerbach family, once the city's premier brewers of beer, commissioned and sailed some of the greatest stern-steerers of the early 20th century. Though the brewery is now a condo, the Peter Fauerbach is keeping the family history alive in this website where you'll see a fine collection of ice boat memorabilia.


Jane Hanson's
Chicken House Gallery

Original watercolors and color drawings for sale - everything from horses to sailboats to iceboats and beyond.

Pat Dunsworth
Freelance photographer Pat Dunsworth's 2002 & 2003 NIYA photos, where you can order not only the picture, but coffee cups, mouse pads, and many other items upon which your boat can be memorialized.

Henry Bossett's Ice Boat Photo Page
New Jersey ice boater Henry Bossett has uploaded a whole bunch of photos (over 400!) on this website from the National Sweeps at Red Bank '07 and '03,Toms River, Cedar Creek, Lake Champlain, Budd Lake and Long Branch, 1973, 1976, EIYA, 1978 ,1984, Lake Geneva, Poland, Germany, Greenwood Lake, Lavalette, and Lake Hopatcong.

Photographer Gretchen Dorian
If there's an ice boat regatta in Michigan, photographer Gretchen Dorian will be there to capture all the action. She does a fantastic job shooting Ice Opti events when they come to the Michigan area, and she does so for free. For the story behind her photographs, read her blog.

KAP'n Craig's Flickr photos
Craig Wilson's Flickr page featuring his unique kite camera photos. Craig and his kite camera are an often-seen fixture at ice boat races. Here are some of his ice boat photos.

From a Kite
Craig Wilson's official website.

Kevin McMurry
Interesting photos of Dan Clapp's Skeeter Attitude.

Penalty Box Productions
Purchase the famous DN Groove Armada here along with the 2007 DN Worlds & North Americans DVDs.

Bruce Thompson
Lake Geneva fine-art photographer.

Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times
All available for purchase
Lake Kegonsa Ice
Lake Monona Ice
Richard Litchtfeld & Miss Madison Miss Madison #2
Nites on Lake Waubesa


You Tube Ice Boating Video Group
All You Tube ice boating videos are collected here in this group which you can join and add your ice boating videos.

2007 Northwest Ice Yacht Regatta
Videos from Chris John
Second Skeeter Race
Stern Steerer & Boe Skeeter Race Stern Steerer Hiking

Penalty Box Productions
DN Worlds Day Two
DN Worlds Day Three
DN North Americans Day One
DN Groove Armada

Stern Steerers on White Bear Lake, Jan 2007
One of the stern-steerers is the historic Rainbow which used to be owned by the Miller family in New Jersey. George Miller was pleased to see the boat being sailed and sent the following email: "My Dad first acquired her in 1961 and he restored her to look like a shiny new penny. In 1994 we were both dissatisfied with how the finish was looking, from years of on ice weathering, so he stripped her down again! This time we took the bare boat parts to Mark Petersen and he refinished her with the West system and then multiple clear coats. It was tough to let her go but I am happy seeing her under sail, even if it is at the hands of somebody else!"

White Bear Lake, Minnesota Dec 2006

2006 Nite Nationals

Part 1: Stern steerers sailing on the Hudson river in New York
Part 2: Stern steerers sailing on the Hudson River

Nite Ice Boat Ride on Lake Wingra 12-11-06

Nite on Lake Wingra, Madison, WI,12-11-06

Ghost Lake, Alberta, Canada Ice Boating

Lake Riley Ice Boating in Minnesota

Pewaukee Ice Boat Verks in Action

Skeeter and Renegade racing at the 2002 Northwest Regatta sailed on Lake Kegonsa with some good footage filmed at the weather mark.

Lexus IS/GS 2006 TV commercial "ice boat"
Quantum Sails:
Article #1 about commercial shoot
Article #2
Where they cleared lake  for commercial shoot.

1930s Mt. Clemens, Michigan Stern-Steerer races a car