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1975 International Skeeter Association Regatta

Photos from slides by Gary Whitehorse

Dan Clapp comments about this photo: "
1975, I was 10. I was at Saratoga. I remember falling asleep during the meeeting. My brother was 12. I believe my brother, Dave, is in the photo. (He was 3rd at the 1980 ISA at Round Valley, NJ). He now sails DN's.

Directly to his right is Ed Knuth...I think. He was the brains behind all the square boats: Square Peg; Square Needle; etc. His son, John Knuth, just won the ISA. The first Eastern Skeeter sailor to ever do so. John didn't win any other regattas that year. I believe they are measuring his sail.

To the right of him, in the red hat, is Tom Nichols father Dave Nichols. Tom was second in that ISA 33 years ago. Tom won his first ISA nearly thirty years later.

To the right of Mr. Nichols is John Darling with the stars on the hat. He was always our race committee. He used to drag a sled with starting blocks, flags, and a cannon out to the race course. He always walked. The "Darling Mark" was named after him.

Ask Ken (Whitehorse) about the Darling Mark. He mistook it for the leeward mark in a race he was leading and got disqualified.

To the right of him is Paul Krueger. To the right of Paul is my Dad, Dave Clapp. My Dad was 4th that year at the ISA. Although he had won most of the Eastern regattas that season."