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Northwest Ice Yacht Association Regatta
Sailed January 24-25, 2003 Photos & Results


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January 26, 2003
The North West Ice Yacht Association Regatta was sailed on Lake Winnebago at Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin on January 24 and 25, 2003. Seventy-five boats registered for three-day regatta which was called complete after two days because of Sunday's bitter-cold temperatures. Each of the four classes were able to sail two races on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, the usual 10:00 AM start was postponed until 12:30 PM due to a temperature of less than ten degrees. The ice was somewhat bumpy and hard. Winds were moderate and my guess is that they were from 8-15 mph. An all too common malady everywhere in Wisconsin this winter, goose holes, were present somewhat off the course and were marked by Christmas trees and the geese.

The DNs were the first class to start off the regatta and John Dennis led all three laps to victory- a feat which he would repeat in the next race. Mike Derusha dominated the Renegade class and sailed his way to two victories. Jay Yaeso also found Friday's conditions to his liking and won both Skeeter races. The World's Largest Ice Boat ™, the Deuce, took top honors in both Stern-Steer races.

Friday night's annual NIYA meeting was hosted by the Lallier's at their restaurant, Oscars. Everyone enjoyed a famous Wisconsin Friday night fish fry during the business meeting.

The DNs again started things rolling on Saturday  morning in a stronger wind. John Dennis was unbeatable and led every lap in both races. Greg Simon took the checkers in the first Renegade race, but Mike Derusha was not to be denied in the last race thus clinching that title. The Skeeters also mixed things up a bit with Tom Hyslop taking first in their first race. Jay Yaeso came back to win the final race and the Skeeter championship. The Deuce won the overall Stern Steerer and A Stern Steerer title. Steve Schalk won the Boecraft E Skeeter trophy.

The Lallier brother's Flying Dutchman cracked her boom during the last Stern Steerer race and was unable to finish. Towards the end of the last Stern Steerer race, a twelve inch wide large expansion crack suddenly appeared behind the starting line reminding us of the power of Lake Winnebago's ice. A car happened to be parked exactly where the crack formed and the front tires took a dip. Luckily, skippers and spectators were able to push the car to safety. I was scoring the race from Chip Sawyer's car (Chip owns the A Stern Steerer-the Eclipse) and we were happy to get off the ice and into Schmitty's OOOOOar house.

Even though conditions looked dismal for Sunday, most competitors stayed for the banquet at Oscar's on Saturday night. Thanks to Dave and Jeff Lallier, Chip Sawyer, and all of the others who made this a very successful regatta.

Friday, January 24, 2003
View from the scoring car
Apologies for the poor quality. 
Shooting through a tinted window and an
 inadequate photo editing program that came 
with the computer makes for photos hairier than an ape.
Photo Credits: Deb Whitehorse

The Fritz & the Deuce

The Fritz and the Deuce at the start.

DN Class Champion John Dennis at the moment he jumps in his boat at start of the first race

Renegade Class start

Bob Kau Skeeter Class start

Jay Yaeso at the bottom mark.

The mighty Deuce and 
Jay Seeboth's
 D Stern-Steerer moments after the flag dropped.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

That's the crew of the Deuce installing a halyard on the Eclipse.

DNs before the start

5014 Mark Isabell &
2360 Pete Johns

2360 Pete Johns, 3271 Mike Jankowski, 602 Tom Meyer

Jay Yaeso Skeeter start

Look closely in the upper left corner of this shot and you can see the geese that were flying about all day alarmed by the staring gun, no doubt.

Renegaders Greg Simon and Mike Derusha head up the lake.

Don Anderson and Mike Derusha round the mark together.

Skeeter heading downwind


Sunday, January 26, 2003
Trophy Presentation

DN 1st Place
John Dennis

Renegade 1st Place
Mike Derusha

Skeeter 1st Place
Jay Yaeso

Skeeter 2nd Place
Bob Kau

Class D Stern Steerer 1st Place
Norbert "Nubs" Salzsieder

Class C Stern Steerer 1st Place
Jeff Seeboth