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2003-2004 Season

Report and photos
from the 2004 International 
Skeeter Association Regatta.

The Northwest Ice Yacht Association Regatta
Sailed on Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin
January 23-25, 2004

January 11, 2004
Club Racing Lake Monona
Photo Credits: David Travis

DN sailors Travis Berggren, 
Amy Wencel, and Peter Lundt

There's me and Dean Lima trying to keep track of all those Renegades.

Don Anderson's Easy Rider Renegade

Ken Whitehorse's 
Fast Buck Skeeter hiking

Ken Whitehorse's 
Fast Buck Skeeter 

Race finish

Bob Kau and John Hudak

Dave Travis' Nite Ladybug

Paul Krueger's Skeeter Rambl'n

Greg Simon waits for 
the Renegade race

Skeeter finish

Two competitors seconds before the race begins.

January 10, 2004
Lake Monona

Photo Credits: Ron Rosten