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2004-2005 Season

Photos and Results

Final Results Here
(Thanks to Steve and Mary Jane Schalk)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Photo Credits: Ron Rosten

img_6989.jpg (105679 bytes)
Renegade III, an Elmer Millenbach boat now owned by Mike Disbrow

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Renegades in the sun.

img_7006.jpg (147132 bytes)
4LIYC Renegaders Greg Whitehorse, Paul Exner, Andy McCormick, Jack Ripp, and Don Anderson

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Photo Credits: Deb Whitehorse

dsc00004.jpg (112548 bytes)
DN rounds the mark

dsc00007.jpg (81929 bytes)
Renegades watching the DN race.

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Skeeters Bob Kau, David Koch, and Jordan Glaser

dsc00014.jpg (166407 bytes)
Ken Whitehorse

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dsc00027.jpg (95209 bytes)
The stern steerers wait for their race.

dsc00030.jpg (52118 bytes)
Bob Kau

dsc00036.jpg (60737 bytes)
Dan Clapp

dsc00037.jpg (45855 bytes)
Jay Yaeso & Haywire

dsc00038.jpg (67474 bytes)
The Deuce leads the stern steerers up the lake

dsc00044.jpg (108616 bytes)
Jeff & Dave Lallier in the Flying Dutchmen take a sunset cruise.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

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Bob Kau

dsc00060.jpg (78768 bytes)
Buddy Melges

dsc00062.jpg (106350 bytes)
Pete Rochelle

Photo Credits: Kevin Barta email: bartak28 AT

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CIMG0118-copy.jpg (64255 bytes)
Clay Georgeson's Renegade

CIMG0138.jpg (53225 bytes)
Burly Brellenthin & Fritz Buttons' Boe-Skeeters

CIMG0147.jpg (11048 bytes)
Jack Ripp's Renegade

CIMG0148.jpg (41522 bytes)
Mike Ripp's Renegade

CIMG0149.jpg (47206 bytes)

CIMG144.jpg (38970 bytes)
Men at work: 
The Deuce crew push her to the race line

CIMG145.jpg (53863 bytes)


Photo Credits: Jeff Smith

50218_NW_003.jpg (18614 bytes)
Jeff Smith's Yankee

50218_NW_004.jpg (30438 bytes)
Rob Marsh & Dan Clapp's Skeeters

50218_NW_005.jpg (43218 bytes)
Here's Paul Krueger in Pete Rochelle's Skeeter.

50218_NW_009.jpg (35587 bytes)
Boe-Skeeters of Steve Schalk and Burly Brellenthin

50218_NW_007.jpg (48246 bytes)
Here's me at registration..

50218_NW_008.jpg (45993 bytes)
..along with Mary Jane.

50218_NW_010.jpg (19763 bytes)
Pete Rochelle

50218_NW_022.jpg (26207 bytes)
Ellen in front of Dan Clapp's Skeeter

50218_NW_023.jpg (24115 bytes)
Rob Marsh

50218_NW_026.jpg (21310 bytes)
Bob Kau

50218_NW_035.jpg (20504 bytes)
I know the tall guy is Rick Hennig and the boat is the Lallier's Flying Dutchmen

50218_NW_038.jpg (15914 bytes)
Rick Hennig and ? in front of the Deuce.

50218_NW_040.jpg (30057 bytes)
Chip and Eric Sawyer with Eclipse.

50218_NW_075.jpg (17782 bytes)
Jordan Glaser from Brooklyn, NY

50218_NW_069.jpg (17684 bytes)
David Koch

50218_NW_060.jpg (31266 bytes)
Renegade Race

50218_NW_057.jpg (30796 bytes)
This was Tyler Sternberg's first regatta in a Renegade. He drew the number one position for the first race.

50218_NW_051.jpg (39929 bytes)
Mike Derusha waits for the Renegade race.

2-23-05: 4LIYC Meeting
Renegade Champions: Tim McCormick 1st, Don Anderson 2nd, 
Greg Simon 3rd, and Jeff Russell 4th

Photos Courtesy of Rob Marsh
E Skeeter Class

1.jpg (110416 bytes)

Bob Kau's Lost Kaus

2.jpg (23144 bytes)
Paul Krueger's Rambl'n

3.jpg (33225 bytes)
Marv Luck's D Stern Steerer

4.jpg (33947 bytes)
Bob Kau and Dan Clapp

5.jpg (31919 bytes)
Getting ready to push off

6.jpg (34886 bytes)
Tom Hyslop rounds the bottom mark

7.jpg (28707 bytes)
Dan Clapp

8.jpg (23248 bytes)
Bill Mattison

9.jpg (22770 bytes)
Pete Rochelle

10.jpg (19955 bytes)
Bill Dale

11.jpg (28519 bytes)
Buddy Melges

12.jpg (27048 bytes)
Paul Krueger

2005-ICEBOAT-NIYA-053.jpg (28561 bytes)
Jordan Glaser 
and Rob Marsh

14.jpg (25870 bytes)
Rob Marsh

NIYA A Stern Steerer Champion

Here's Fred Stritt and John Stanley, who sailed first day with Fred on the  Fritz belatedly celebrating their first place NIYA victory. Scott Harms sailed on the second day. Fred writes, "We took the cup to the Inn Between with us. We figured if the Americas Cup can go to Chucks. We could take it to our little bar that day. The national C scow meeting was there and at least 30 sailors got to put there lips to it, the sweet taste of victory!"

Sunday 2-20:
I'm back home in Monona this morning after waking up to 3" of fluffy snow in Oshkosh with more on the way. We've only got about an inch here in the Madison area. The storm tracked farther north than predicted. There was a nice turn-out at the banquet last night. With three races in each class, the regatta was called completed.

Saturday 2-19:
The DNs and Renegades raced this morning in light, fluky winds. John Dennis won the DN race. The dying winds were responsible for only 8 Renegades finishing within the 1/2 hour time limit after the winner, Tim McCormick, crossed the finish line. Don Anderson was second. Wind shifts forced quite a few course changes. Finally, at around 3:00, the Skeeters were able to race. Dan Clapp won and Tom Hyslop was second. The stern-steerers were also able to get a race in today. Fritz is leading in the As. The Deuce suffered a crack in the hull yesterday and was unable to complete the regatta. Racing is scheduled for 9:30 AM tomorrow. The race committee is taking a wait and see attitude with the weather.

Friday, February 18
Lack of wind forced a postponement until 1:00 and each class was able complete two races. In the DNs, John Dennis won both races today. The Renegades mixed it up a bit more; in the first race, Tim McCormick placed first followed by Mike Derusha, Don Anderson, Jerry Simon, and Jack Ripp. Mike Derusha won the second race, followed by Don Anderson and Tim McCormick. In the Skeeters, Dan Clapp easily dominated both races. Bob Kau placed second in the first Skeeter race. In the second Skeeter race, Tom Hyslop took second, Bill Mattison third, and Bob Kau fourth.
The winds were about 10 mph and were quite shifty towards the end of the day. About 77 boats registered for the regatta. In the second race, the Deuce suffered a regatta-ending crack to the side of her hull, which according to Rick Hennig is the only place on the hull that hasn't been restored by the Cabbage Patch crew. I'm sure that the Cabbage Patch guys will have the Deuce better than new in no time.

2004 NIYA Defending Champions
DN-John Dennis
Renegade-Tim McCormick
E Skeeter-Bob Kau
Boe Skeeter-Steve Schalk
OA Stern Steerer-R Hennig
A Stern St.- Rick Hennig
C Stern St.-Jeff Seeboth
D Stern St.-Jeff Seeboth


Dateline January 13, 1913.
Wisconsin State Journal.
"Representatives of Oshkosh, Madison, Menominee, and Marinette met at the Hotel Menominee this morning and discussed future of the new NIYA, Emil Fauerbach of Madison commended the Mendota Ice Yacht Club highly in their action in establishing a renewal of the sport and declared that he would do everything in his power to aid the new organization in every manner possible. LF Porter, of Madison, a man who has been connected with several water and ice craft organizations, gave some timely and instructive suggestions in regard to the proper manner of conducting the association. He proposed having two delegates from each club present at a future gathering and from a constitution and by laws at that time."

This historic regatta was first sailed in 1913 in Menominee, Michigan. Skeeters, DNs, and Renegades weren't even invented back then when the big stern steerers ruled the ice. In 1913, Menominee skipper E. Peterson won the first Class A championship in "Square People". Madison, Wisconsin's own Emil Fauerbach won the 1914 championship in the famed Princess II, a boat that went on the win the Hearst International Trophy. Other notable Class A winners throughout the year include John Buckstaff of Oshkosh, Jungbluth and Carl Bernard of Madison in the Fritz (still being sailed today by Fred Stritt), Harry Melges of Lake Geneva (Buddy's father), Carl Bernard again in the Mary B (currently owned by the Haines family), the Debutante currently owned by Mike Derusha, and Buddy Melges in his Ferdinand the Bull.

The DNs were first recognized as a separate class in 1954 when Skip Boston won the inaugural NIYA DN championship. Other notable DN champions include William Sarns in 1956, Jane Pegel who first won in 1960 and went on to capture another nine championships.

Class E Skeeters first raced the NIYA in 1936 when Lake Geneva sailor Harry Melges won in Mickey Finn. Elmer Millenbach took the 1949 trophy sailing his Renegade II back when the Renegades and Skeeters sailed together. Other famous ice boating names who've won the NIYA Class E championship include Bill Perrigo, Howard Bosten, Frank Trost, Jack Ripp, Dave Rosten, Bill Mattison, Lou Loenneke, Buddy Melges, Bob Pegel, and Paul Krueger.

The Renegades first raced in the NIYA as a recognized class in 1958 and of course, Mr. Ice Boat, Elmer Millenbach won his first of many NIYA Renegade Championships in Renegade III. Elmer won every regatta until 1984 when the 4LIYC Jerry Simon took the championship. Other winners include Arlyn Lafortune, Loren Sherry, Jack Ripp, Tim McCormick, Roger Derusha, Don Anderson, and Mike Derusha.