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2004-2005 Season

Final Results
A, B, C Skeeters, and Nites


Fleet Winners

A Skeeter: Tom Nichols, New Jersey
B Skeeter: Steve Schalk, Skeeter Ice Boat Club, Lake Geneva, WI
C Skeeter: Skip Stauber
Renegade: Don Anderson, 4LIYC, Madison, Wisconsin
Nite: Lou Lonneke, SIBC, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The 2005 ISA and Renegade Championships were completed on Sunday, March 5 under somewhat difficult conditions. The regatta opened on Friday with over 75 boats registered in five fleets; A Skeeters, B Skeeters, C Skeeters, Renegades, and Nites. The winds held long enough for four fleets to sail one race each. (See results) Lack of wind prevented the C Skeeters from sailing on Friday.

Sailors were more optimistic for Saturday with winds of 10-15 mph forecasted. Hopes were dashed when we woke up to fog Saturday morning. Eventually the fog did lift later in the morning and the C Skeeter race was started but had to be abandoned because the boats couldn't make the time limit due to lack of wind.

Many sailors were forced to adjourn to "Chucks", one of the best spots to watch ice boats in North America, for smart talk, free popcorn, and cold beverages. We finished the evening with the banquet at Big Foot Supper Club in Harvard, IL. Regatta Chair Tom Hyslop announced that the C Skeeters needed to be ready to sail at 8:30 AM sharp in a last ditch attempt to complete the regatta. Forecasted heavy winds of 15-20 mph along with softening ice were a concern.

The day dawned sunny and windy and the C Skeeters were ready to race before their 8:30 deadline. The flag was dropped at 8:30 and the Cs were able to get their first race of the regatta in. Each fleet was able to sail two more rotations and complete the regatta which was a huge relief to the competitors. Sunburned and thirsty, we were back in the pits at about 1:30, ready for the trophy presentations.

Thanks to the Skeeter Ice Boat Club for helping to make this a smooth regatta, despite the fluky winds and slushy ice.

Photo Credits: David Travis
Contact Dave if you would like a print.

9618.jpg (177965 bytes)
Dan Clapp, Ellen, and Ron Rosten

9689.jpg (169911 bytes)
Dan Clapp & Pete Rochelle

amphetamine2.jpg (210953 bytes)
Tom Hyslop's Skeeter

amphetamine2-9606.jpg (192334 bytes)

attitude9586.jpg (170758 bytes)
Jordan Glaser's Skeeter

B&Cfleet.jpg (223119 bytes)
B Skeeters

ballistic9580.jpg (218499 bytes)
2nd Place Skeeter Class, Bill Stavola's boat

ballistic9649.jpg (261800 bytes)

billdaleandfriends.jpg (187102 bytes)

boomerrang9676.jpg (193644 bytes)
Jerry Ebert's C Rig

chicagoskeetersareyellow.jpg (162381 bytes)
David Travis Skeeter

coldreality9609.jpg (192574 bytes)
Bill Dale's Skeeter

colorfulskeeters.jpg (168874 bytes)
Dan Clapp's Insanity

danclappatisameeting.jpg (204138 bytes)
Dan Clapp makes a point at the ISA meeting.

donanderson.jpg (151875 bytes)
Don Anderson, winner of the Renegade Championship

fleetonsunday.jpg (164765 bytes)
Fleet from afar

futureiceboater_and_mom.jpg (182269 bytes)
Here's future ice boater Thor Rosten and his mom, Barb.

genevalakefog1.jpg (194695 bytes)
Jay Yaeso's Sassy and Buddy Melges' Skeeter

gordonglazer.jpg (209081 bytes)
Jordan Glaser

genevalakefog2.jpg (202871 bytes)
Foggy Saturday morning

gregsimon.jpg (147729 bytes)
Greg Simon

gregsimoncockpit.jpg (205035 bytes)

harkenhoneybucket.jpg (205188 bytes)
Peter Harken's Front Seater

ho-hum9597.jpg (200335 bytes)
John Hudak's 
Skeeter Ho Hum

jerrysimon.jpg (196793 bytes)
Jerry Simon...

jimnordhaus.jpg (197675 bytes)
.....and Jim Nordhaus

ladyles.jpg (152579 bytes)
David Travis' Lady Les

mattisonnewandold9598.jpg (190057 bytes)
Buddy Melges & Peter Harken's Skeeters

mostwinningpilot.jpg (186044 bytes)
Bill Mattison

olderskeeter.jpg (187278 bytes)
Old Skeeter

peanutspretzelsbeer.jpg (173739 bytes)
Peanuts, Pretzels, & Beer

peterharken9630.jpg (195790 bytes)
Peter Harken rolling sail

racecommittee.jpg (192902 bytes)
Race Committee

redyankee0341.jpg (202896 bytes)
Jeff Smith's Yankee

redyankee0342.jpg (203494 bytes)

redyankee9584.jpg (187690 bytes)

redyankee9674.jpg (156532 bytes)

shazam1.jpg (182563 bytes)
Chauncy Grigg's Shazam

shazam-9588.jpg (202366 bytes)

skeeterbraintrust.jpg (222645 bytes)
Skeeter Brain Trust

skeeterswaiting9591.jpg (179979 bytes)

tomnichols9661.jpg (204700 bytes)
Tom Nichol's Skeeter

tomnicholsboat9589.jpg (184105 bytes)

tomnicholsboat9590.jpg (160541 bytes)

tomnicholsboat9657.jpg (202983 bytes)

tomnicholsskeeter9595.jpg (204630 bytes)

visitingskeeters.jpg (207287 bytes)
Pete Rochelle's Skeeter

winterwindandfog.jpg (184686 bytes)
Gary Buyeske's Skeeter


Burly & Donna Brellenthin's Famous Night Before the Regatta Party
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Photo Credits: Jeff Smith

Deb & Mary Jane get ready for the regatta.

Our hosts, Burly and Donna Brellenthin

Tom Nichols, Mike Derusha, and Bill Dale

Tom Hyslop

Mark Hancik & John Hudak share a laugh

Glen Betzoldt and John Lamont

Archie Call

Chauncy Griggs & 
Dave Lallier

Gin & Tonic anyone?

Tom Nichols, Bill Dale, and Bill Mattison.

Pete Rochelle, Paul Krueger, and Steve Schalk


Thumbnail Gallery
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Photo Credits: Jeff Smith

50308_ISA024.JPG (26975 bytes)
2005 ISA A Skeeter Winner
Tom Nichols

50308_ISA026.JPG (23413 bytes)

50308_ISA028.JPG (22901 bytes)
2005 ISA 2nd Place
Bill Stavola

50308_ISA029.JPG (37052 bytes)

50308_ISA031.JPG (45898 bytes)

50308_ISA033.JPG (50769 bytes)
Jeff Smith's Yankee

50308_ISA035.JPG (49889 bytes)
Chauncy Grigg's Wing Spar Skeeter

50308_ISA036.JPG (43188 bytes)
John Hudak

50308_ISA037.JPG (46834 bytes)
Steve Schalk lines them up

50308_ISA041.JPG (37672 bytes)
Buddy Melges

50308_ISA043.JPG (45595 bytes)
Gary Buyeske

50308_ISA045.JPG (43063 bytes)

50308_ISA046.JPG (55542 bytes)
Mark Hancik & his Yankee "Rebel"

50308_ISA060.JPG (26085 bytes)

50308_ISA075.JPG (36233 bytes)
Pete Rochelle

50308_ISA077.JPG (35538 bytes)
Tom Hyslop

Waiting for the Trophy Presentation at Chuck's on Sunday, March 6
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50308_ISA094.JPG (55050 bytes)
ISA Trophies

50308_ISA096.JPG (36293 bytes)

Tom Nichols, right


David Koch, 4th Place in the A Skeeters; Bill Dale, and Bill Mattison 

Tom Hyslop and Photographer Bruce Thompson

The helpful staff of Chucks

Bill Dale

50308_ISA119.JPG (31553 bytes)
Buddy Melges and Dan Clapp

Mary Jane & Steve Schalk

Kevin & Carrie Pok


Pete Rochelle, MJ, Steve, and Deb wait for the trophy presentation.


 Trophy Award Presentation

ISA Commodore Dan Clapp starts the trophy ceremony

50308_ISA129.JPG (41584 bytes)
Nite Champions:
1st Lou Lonneke-SIBC
2nd-Brett Larson-SIBC
5th-Dick Grota

50308_ISA132.JPG (44508 bytes)
B Skeeter
1st-Steve Schalk-SIBC
2nd-George Beukemna-SIBC

50308_ISA133.JPG (42058 bytes)
C Skeeters
From left: Jerry Ebert 2nd, Skip Stauber 1st, 
Kevin Pok 3rd

50308_ISA145.JPG (48736 bytes)
A Skeeters
1st-Tom Nichols, 2nd-Bill Stavola, 3rd-Dan Clapp, Buddy Melges

50308_ISA146.JPG (42526 bytes)
Winner of the Triple Crown
Dan Clapp. Best finishes in both the NIYA and ISA regattas

50308_ISA148 copy.JPG (33006 bytes)
Tom Nichols

50308_ISA149 copy.JPG (38060 bytes)

50308_ISA157.JPG (31749 bytes)
Award for coming the farthest distance

50308_ISA159.JPG (44652 bytes)
Renegade Class
From left: Daniel Hearn 2nd,
Glen Betzoldt 3rd, Jim Nordhaus 4th

50308_ISA160.JPG (49221 bytes)
Dan Clapp and Tom Nichols

50308_ISA163.JPG (43994 bytes)
Ellen & Dan

50308_ISA167.JPG (46107 bytes)
Brett Larson, Brett's father Dick, & Steve Schalk


David Koch, PIYC, 4th Place A Skeeter Class

Photo Credits: Greg McCormick

100_0165.jpg (109636 bytes)
Daniel Hearn refuels before the Renegade race

100_0169.jpg (137125 bytes)
Ron Rosten & Tim McCormick

100_0171.jpg (115138 bytes)
Ken Whitehorse

100_0174.jpg (114051 bytes)
Bill Mattison

100_0175.jpg (126186 bytes)
Don Anderson & Bill 

100_0176.jpg (111712 bytes)
Buddy Melges soaks up the rays before the Skeeter race


Photo Credits: Bruce Hillyer

bingboom3.jpg (109957 bytes)
The recently restored Boe Skeeters, Bada Bing and Bada Boom sailed by Rick Hennig and Todd Knop

blitzn.jpg (140205 bytes)
2nd Place B Skeeter George Beukema's Blitzen

bsting.jpg (119474 bytes)
Boe Skeeter B Sting

insanity3.jpg (146268 bytes)
Dan Clapp's Insanity
A Skeeter

ln1.jpg (121201 bytes)
Rick Stavola's Skeeter

moldy.jpg (135772 bytes)
Carl Bergerson's Boe Skeeter

nite468.jpg (127849 bytes)
Nite Class

notorious1.jpg (125838 bytes)

skipbetter.jpg (79116 bytes)
Skip Stauber, 1st Place 
C Skeeter