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2002-2003 Season

March 15, 2003

St. Patrick's Day weekend, balmy 65 degree temperatures, the hottest Bloody Marys known to humans (thanks Grant!...I think), and a picnic  converged to make the last weekend of club sailing memorable. 

Greg Simon enjoying  our annual Clothing Optional  series.

ISA 2003 Photo Gallery & Results

South Bay Scooter on Lake Geneva March 1, 2003
Photo Credits: David Travis

 "Geneva Lake has had a variety of iceboats and yachts. Finally, a beautifully made South Bay Scooter appeared. There were no gooseholes to test her seaworthiness, however. It was sailed perfectly in the lighter winds by a crew of two, who were often standing for balance and tacking. The Scooter has no rudder but is navigated over the ice by sail trim and crew weight balance. The boat is moored by laying it on its side with the sail and mast on the ice. The crew tended to her angle-iron runners, sharpening them with a small hand file. A beautiful job of boatbuilding. Look for her as sail number 88." Dave Travis

February 23, 2003
Lake Monona
Renegades Against the Skyline of Madison, Wisconsin Photo Credits: Ron Rosten

February 22, 2003
Lake Monona Photo Credits: Geoff Sobering & Dean Lima

Don Sanford-Nite Class

Paul McMillan-Nite Class

The Grant Frautschi  Nite Class-Rounding the Mark Series 


Views of Madison, Wisconsin skyline and Lake Monona Terrace 

Photo Credit: Ron Rosten At the Weather Mark Renegade Class

February 9 , 2003
Lake Monona Photo Credits: Ron Rosten at the bottom mark

February 8, 2003
Lake Monona Photo Credits:  DN skipper Geoff Sobering who positioned himself at the  weather mark during the last Renegade race

Northwest Ice Yacht Association Regatta
Sailed January 24-25, 2003 Photos & Results

December 29, 2002
Lake Kegonsa Thumbnail Gallery: Click to see larger image
Photo Credits: David Travis

554niteshadow8433sm.jpg (54322 bytes)
Ken Wruk: Nite Class

future8419sm.jpg (75508 bytes)
We start them early around here. Nite Skipper Dave Navin and son

grndpa8429sm.jpg (60239 bytes)

hyslop8409.jpg (80393 bytes)
Tom Hyslop:
Skeeter Class

kau8412sm.jpg (74645 bytes)
Bob Kau: Skeeter Class

krueger8413sm.jpg (71264 bytes)

Paul Krueger: Skeeter Class

ladybug8421.jpg (42778 bytes)
Dave Travis: Nite Class

skeeter_start.jpg (38206 bytes)
Looks like Skeeter Heaven

M134skeeter8406.jpg (62026 bytes)
Bill Mattison and his Skeeter reflect

Aerial Shots: Steve Arnold

Dcp_0567.jpg (22473 bytes)

Arnold 2.jpg (22903 bytes)

Dcp_0570.jpg (21454 bytes)

Photo Credits: Ron Rosten

greg-213.jpg (33230 bytes)
Greg Simon round the mark Renegade Class

IMG_2020.jpg (36861 bytes) Bottom Mark Gang

IMG_2026.jpg (64092 bytes)
Bill Mattison- Skeeter Class

IMG_2030.jpg (39220 bytes) Bob Kau and Bill Mattison

IMG_2036.jpg (89697 bytes)
Bob Kau 

IMG_2045.jpg (46950 bytes)
Jack Ripp

IMG_2046.jpg (63161 bytes)
Jeff Russell

IMG_2063.jpg (37348 bytes)
Don Anderson

IMG_2088.jpg (40434 bytes)
Jeff Russell and Daniel Hearn

IMG_2090.jpg (50493 bytes)
Greg Whitehorse

Grand Slam Regatta Photos and Results