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2005-2006 ARCHIVES

January 15, 2006

Don Anderson/Greg Simon Take IRIYA Championship
at Fond du Lac in Renegade #420

The 2006 IRIYA Championship concluded with two races on Sunday making for a six race regatta. A variety of conditions made for a challenging regatta.
Scroll down for results.

Awards Ceremony,
Sunday, January 15, 2006
Photo Credit: Carrie Pok From left: Ron Rosten 7th, Rick Eckstein 6th, Andy McCormick 5th, Doug Kolner 4th, Gary Sternberg 3rd, Tim McCormick 2nd, Greg Simon (Don Anderson not present) 1st, Jerry Simon 8th with the highest placing over-20 award.

Friday, January 13:
Racing was delayed until 1:30 because of sleet, rain, and poor visibility. The ice was wet and fast and winds were steady at about 10 mph and a bit gusty. In the second race, first race-winner Mike Derusha's steering seized up at the start of the race and he collided with Archie Call. Mike's springboard was toast while Archie's boat was okay and he was able to complete the race. Mike decided to bring another boat to compete in Saturday's races. In the third race, the wind was really howling. Andy McCormick and Jack Ripp were involved in an incident heading upwind on the last lap. Jack came through just fine but his hull and port runner were destroyed. Other than a crack near the aft of the hull, Andy's boat appeared to be okay. As he headed back to Madison Saturday morning, Jack Ripp remarked that he didn't sleep much Friday night because he was too busy figuring out how to make some of the needed repairs on the plank. 

Saturday, January 14:
Conditions were much different than Friday. The ice was nice and hard without any water on top, but the wind was down. The fleet was able to get one race in before noon. Regatta points leader, Don Anderson left for Key West, Florida to compete in the Melges 24 Regatta and called on Greg Simon to sail #420.  There was a wind shift during the four lap race and the wily veteran from Ohio, Archie Call, capitalized and easily won the race. The wind shut down for the rest of the day and races were called off at 2 PM. Several competitors talked ice boating at the Southside Ice Yacht Club in Oshkosh before meeting at Dave Lallier's restaurant, Oscar's, for a well-attended banquet.

Sunday, January 15, 2006:
Sunday morning saw the strongest wind of the weekend coupled with hard, fast ice. Before the first race, Mike Derusha broke a steering bolt and headed back to the pits. He was able to fix the problem but not before the first race started. Eighteen boats lined up for the exciting race and all but Tyler Sternberg (equipment problems) were able to finish.

Mike Derusha was ready to go for the second race which he easily won. Winds were building and race committee helper, Mike Peters, clocked Mike's first complete lap on the 1.25 mile course at 3:20. Mike won the four lap race in fourteen minutes. Daniel Hearn, who had been sitting in the top three in points, suffered a broken steering bolt on the upwind leg of the last lap and was forced into a costly DNF. 

Misc. Notes:
Both Don Anderson and Greg Simon's names will be engraved on the trophy according to Bob Pegel.
Tim McCormick finished second over-all in the regatta, even though he wasn't present at Saturday's race because of a previous commitment.
Jerry Simon won the over-60 trophy.
Tammy Sawyer, a professional photographer and daughter of the late Pewaukee ice boater, Tom Sawyer, positioned herself at the top mark during Sunday's big blow and took about 300 photos which are now posted to her website where you will be able to view and buy her photos.
Two skippers were fortunate to have the shop services of Ecky Eckstein. On Friday night, Ecky made some new parts for Paul Exner (steering components) and Greg Whitehorse (front stay tang) which allowed them to complete the regatta. 
Race Committee: Chief Judge Arlyn LaFortune, Marv Luck, "Ecky" Eckstein, Mike Peters, Markus Zulkhe, Scorer Deb Whitehorse with off-site technical support from Mary Jane Schalk. 

Photo Credit: Mike Burns
The view on Friday.

Saturday, January 14, 2006
Photo Credit: Ron Rosten

Archie Call, winner of
Saturday's light air race

Doug Kolner

Dave Lallier

Photo Credits: Carrie Pok

Sunday, January 15, 2006

2006 IRIYA Championship Regatta
Final Results Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac, WI
January 13,14,15, 2006
Pos Sail No Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
1st 420 D. Anderson /
Greg Simon
6 1 1 3 1 3 15.0
2nd 385 Tim McCormick 4 4 2 DNC 2 2 45.0
3rd 541 Gary Sternberg 17 5 3 13 3 6 47.0
4th 515 Doug Kolner 11 7 9 7 6 8 48.0
5th 485 Andy McCormick 8 3 DNF 4 4 4 54.0
6th 384 Rick Eckstein 10 8 6 18 7 7 56.0
7th 19 Ron Rosten 12 6 4 24 9 5 60.0
8th 113 Jerry Simon 13 10 10 12 14 12 71.0
9th 507 Daniel Hern 7 9 5 9 11 DNF 72.0
10th 152 Andy Hopkins 18 13 13 8 13 13 78.0
11th 512 Paul Exner 2 RAF DNS 2 8 9 83.0
12th 499 Glen Betzoldt 14 11 12 23 10 16 86.0
13th 210 Jim LaFortune 24 20 16 25 5 10 100.0
14th 417 Clay Georgeson 16 14 7 5 DNS DNS 104.0
15th 491 Tim Monday 25 24 18 16 15 11 109.0
16th 487 Wes Wilcox 20 18 DNF 15 12 14 110.0
17th 310 Greg McCormick 15 17 11 6 DNS DNS 111.0
18th 188 Mike Derusha 1 DNF DNS 17 DNS 1 112.0
19th 231 Archie Call 5 22 DNF 1 DNS DNS 121.0
20th 383 Dave Lallier 22 15 8 19 DNS DNS 126.0
21st 36 Jim Drummond 26 23 19 26 17 15 126.0
22nd 11 Jack Ripp 3 2 DNF DNC DNS DNS 129.0
23rd 299 Tyler Sternberg 21 19 15 14 DNF DNS 131.0
24th 373 Jim Hopkins 23 21 17 10 DNS DNS 133.0
25th 462 Ken Norton 9 16 DNF 20 DNS DNS 138.0
26th 123 George Gerhardt 19 12 14 DNS DNS DNS 138.0
27th 500 Greg Whitehorse DNF DNS DNS 22 16 DNF 162.0
28th 511 Kevin Pock DNC DNC DNC 11 DNS DNF 166.0
29th 509 Jeff Lallier DNC DNC DNC 21 DNS DNS 176.0
30th 213 Greg Simon DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 186.0