2007 Northwest Ice Yachting Association Regatta


February 19, 2007
I'll be adding photos throughout the week to the NIYA Photo Gallery so be sure to check back periodically.

February 18, 2007
2007 NIYA Regatta Completed
Just a quick update tonight. Congratulations to Jim McDonagh (DN Class), Buddy Melges (Skeeter Class), Mike Derusha (Renegade Class), Erich Schloemer (Stern Steerer Overall and Class A Champion), and Pete McCormick (Class C Champion). Photos and reports on Monday.

March 27, 2007
NIYA Skeeters

Chris Johns, who attended the 2007 NIYA Regatta in Menominee, has uploaded this video featuring the second Skeeter race of the regatta.

February 17, 2007

Bill Dale in Merlin.
Exciting day today. Buddy Melges won both Skeeter races, Mike Derusha won both Renegade races, John Dennis won both DN races. Off to the banquet...
Day Two Report

Off to the lake...

Menominee received a dusting of snow overnight. Last night's annual NIYA meeting was well attended and many skippers stayed to watch ice boating videos.

February 16, 2007
Day One Report
The combination of howling winds that reached between 20 to 30 mph and glass perfect ice forced a postponement of the opening day of the regatta. One Stern-Steerer, a Renegade, and a couple of DNs did take a few rides. As we drove back to the motel, we saw several Nites driving to the lake. The plan for tomorrow is to start the DNs at 9:30.
There are 19 Renegades registered, 10 Skeeters (including Buddy Melges who arrived later in the morning with Gloria), 14 DNs, 7 Stern-Steerers, and 3 Boe Skeeters. The NIYA Annual Meeting is tonight at the Menominee Yacht Club.

Miss Wisconsin

The Deuce crew gets ready to drop the sail.


Off to the lake....

February 14, 2007
Regatta Memories from the Carl Bernard Collection

Here's a stern-steerer, possibly the Mary B, in front of the old Hotel Menominee, the birthplace of the Northwest Ice Yachting Association Regatta in 1913.

Getting ready to ship the stern-steerers to Michigan for a regatta.



1951 Northwest Regatta Coverage

Taking the Fritz to Detroit in a car ferry.

Menominee: Ice Boat Ground Zero
The DNs have called on their World Championship Regatta at Menominee starting Sunday. Many DNs are already in Menominee and most will arrive this weekend.

Yes, it is indeed Hollywood Ice!
UPDATE: 200 square miles...