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Record of NIYA Winners

Snow Falling On Skeeters: Photos by Joe Stanton

Joe Stanton shot these photos as the snow moved onto the lake. Thanks, Joe. These pictures are fantastic.

  • DN 1st: Mark Christensen, 3rd Jim McDonagh

  • Renegade from left: 1st Mike Derusha, 2nd Tim McCormick, 3rd Don Anderson, 4th Greg McCormick

  • Skeeter 1st: Steve Orelebeke, 2nd Jay Yaeso

  • B Skeeter 1st: Steve Schalk

  • Stern Steerer C Class: Mike Peters, A Stern Steerer: Erik Sawyer
Prize Winners

Photo by Joe Stanton

Northwest Day 3: PM Update

The flag dropped for the first race at 9:33 AM on the Renegade/Skeeter course. Each fleet on that course was able to get one full rotation in. The Renegades started their second race of the day just in time for the snow to reduce visibility. There are many who deserve thanks for helping to make this regatta happen.
Ken Whitehose took it upon himself to be the boss of the landing and crush the heave so that we could more easily get trailers on the ice. He not only took care of he heave, he brought his tractor to help get all trailers on and off the ice as quickly as possible. Like Peter Sarelis wrote on Facebook, we had valet parking for iceboat trailers.
4LIYC Head Judge Peter Fauerbach spent a lot of time organizing equipment to make certain we were prepared. He also took care of the DN and Stern Steerer course along with Scott Goetz.
Don Sanford helped out on the Skeeter course and did what ever was necessary including picking up the DN Western Region ATV. Don and I watched some memorable E Skeeter races this weekend.
Many thanks to Daniel Hearn for keeping the Western Region ATV well maintained and ready to go on a moment's notice.
Chip Sawyer helped out on both courses and it was good to have someone with his experience helping to run things.
4LIYC Commodore Ken Norton arranged the Smoker, the banquet, and at the very last minute, the trophy awards ceremony. Ken called his brother at 11:30 Sunday morning and we were able to use his brother's restaurant, Cranberry Creek in Monona, for the prize giving at 1 PM. Thanks for all the competitors who looked at the forecast and came anyways. We all tried hard to get this regatta in.
Mary Jane Schalk staffs the off shore RC office in Fontana, WI. She's the reason we get such quick scoring updates. Thank you Mary Jane!

NIYA: Final Results

Northwest Day 3: AM Update

The sun is rising here in Madison and there is some light snow (1-2" possible) in the forecast. Time will tell how much we receive. It's 10F now and will rise to a balmy 18F with a 10-15 mph wind from the southeast which is a change from the northwest breeze of the last two days. We will continue to run two courses. Should be a good morning of racing. Off to the lake.

Northwest Slide Show

The local newspaper photographer was on the ice Saturday at the Northwest regatta. Slide show here.

Photo by Joe Stanton

NIYA: Day Two Report: Dang It's Cold

After a couple of postponments, we took the plunge and set two courses. Air was quite light today. I'm waiting for results from the DN/Stern Steerer course to update the scores. Stand by.

Peter Fauerbach found 8 beers in Jim Payton's old coat!

Northwest: Day 2 Morning Update

Yes, it's cold here this morning but the wind is lighter which in some sort of reverse wind chill formula that I just made up, makes it seem like 60F! Seriously, having two courses helped limit our time on the ice and made a huge difference in the after-racing energy levels. The annual Northwest meeting was well attended and then we moved on to the Smoker at Angelo's. When I was a kid, there was always a "Smoker" the Friday night of a regatta. Many have asked what exactly is a Smoker? One online dictionary says, "a railroad car or compartment in which smoking is allowed or an informal social gathering for men". So there you have it.
Racing is scheduled to begin at 10:30 on two separate courses again. See you at the lake.

Northwest Photos

Photographer Gretchen Dorian was taking photos today at the Northwest on the Stern Steerer/DN race course. Here are just a few.

Update For Saturday: Postponed Until 10:30 AM

During the annual Northwest meeting, the Race Committee announced that racing is postponed until 10:30 AM for Saturday morning.

Photo from Gretchen Dorian's Phone

NIYA: Day One Report: Double the Fun

The winds were definitely fresh today and were forecasted to build. We set up two courses on Lake Monona. The Stern Steerers and DNs sailed on the east end of Lake Monona while the E Skeeters, B & C Skeeters, and Renegades took the west end. Both weather marks were on the city side of the lake. Anyone with an office facing Lake Monona would have had a front row seat to day's action. As per Northwest rules, each fleet did two rotations today and we were off the lake by 12:30 PM. Yes, it was cold and one of those days where you try to keep the fussing around with cameras and such to a minimum - so I don't have any photos. Thankfully, Gretchen Dorian is here and she camped out at the weather mark on the Stern Steerer and DN course. She is editing photos right now and she think she may have caught some of the more "exciting" roundings. Below are preliminary results. If you see anything questionable, please see Deb - Mary Jane and I will look things over. The Northwest Meeting has been moved up to 4 PM at Country Inn and Suites. See you all there.

NIYA: Good Morning Day One

Winds are forecast to build today. There may be an attempt to have two courses today so that we can get in the two rounds of racing for each fleet and be off the lake early. I will try to update the iceboat.org On the Road website during the day and Facebook.

Important Information for Tonyawatha Landing Update 3

If you are driving on at the Tonyawatha Landing (please don't drive on at Olin), it is mandatory to have this permit on your dashboard. Please download and print out. Save a copy on your phone as well.
2016 Vehicle Ice Permit for the Purpose of Loading and Unloading Iceboats.

Important Parking Information for Olin Update 2

Update 2: If you want to pre pay for your Dane County Lake Access Permit online, please go to this website and follow the instructions.

Important Parking Information for Olin Update 1

If you are using the Olin landing to unload your boat, please obey all parking regulations. Don't park in the stalls designated for vehicles with trailers (unless of course you have a trailer on your vehicle) because you will receive a ticket. There is a parking lot a short distance towards the entrance where you may park. Please don't unnecessarily block the ramp for long periods of time. Get your trailer on the ice and move your car immediately. Please be respectful of those who ice fish and others who use the lake for recreational purposes.

Northwest Information

The Northwest Ice Yachting Association regatta has been called on for Lake Monona in Madison, WI on February 12 - 14, 2016.

Join Us For the Smoker

The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club is going old school and reviving a Northwest tradition by throwing a Friday night Smoker. All Northwest regatta competitors are invited on Friday night to Angelos's Italian Restaurant at 6:30 PM where we'll have some beverage and snacks. Angelo's is right up the hill at 5801 Monona Drive.

Friday, February 12:
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM: Registration at the Olin Park launch area. Deb will be in her car. Any sailor who is over at the Tonyawatha landing can give Deb a call or see her on the ice for registration.
10:00 AM Racing Begins
Order of Rotation (2 rounds for each fleet Friday):
E Skeeters
A,B,C,D Stern Steerers
6:00 PM Annual Meeting at Country Inn and Suites
6:30 PM Smoker: Please join us downstairs at Angelo's Italian Restaurant for a Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club sponsored Smoker for some beverages and snacks.

Saturday, February 13:
9:30 AM Race Start
Order of Rotation (2 rounds for each fleet Friday):
E Skeeters
A,B,C,D Stern Steerers
6:00 Banquet at Angelo's Italian Restaurant

Sunday, February 14:
9:30 AM Race Start
Order of Rotation
E Skeeters
A,B,C,D Stern Steerers
Free For All
**If all classes have at least 3 races complete at the end of the day Saturday, Stern Steerers (A, B, C, D) will start first on Sunday
After Racing: Awards Ceremony


LAUNCH 1: Olin Park, Madison, WI.
Please do not drive on the ice here because there's a working seam near the landing. Roll trailers down the ramp. There will be an ATV to help with trailers. Dane County requires a Lake Access Permit at this landing even if you are just parking. There is a box to collect the fee at the landing.

Link to map.
Stern Steerers who must drive their trailers on the ice should launch here. Drive on at the landing, drop your trailer, immediately pull off the ice, and park on the street. You will get a $350 ticket if you leave your car on the ice. Dane County requires a Lake Access Permit at this landing. There is a box to collect the fee at the landing.

Check in Friday morning on the ice from 8 to 9:30 AM
Regatta fee is $15
Don't worry if you didn't pre register. See Deb on the ice Friday morning to check in, pay your regatta fee, and banquet fee.

Primary Hotel: Country Inn and Suites
400 River Place
Monona, WI
Link to Map
Ask for the iceboat rate of $107.

Alternate Hotels:
Americinn Monona
101 W Broadway, Monona, WI
Phone:(608) 222-8601

Days Inn and Suites
4402 Broadway Service Rd, Madison, WI
(608) 223-1800

Friday, February 12, 2016
6 PM 4 PM
Country Inn and Suites
Link to Map

Saturday, February 13, 2016
Cocktails: 6 PM
$10 each for a delicious buffet with salad, pastas, sauces, and pizza.
Pay Deb at registration or the door for buffet.
Angelo's Italian Restaurant
5801 Monona Drive, Monona, WI
Link to map