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Vintage Photos

Our club is fortunate to have a growing collection of photographs documenting the changes in Madison's ice yachting scene. Much of the credit goes to the club's archivist and historian, Greg Whitehorse. Greg will tell you that the credit should go to Lynn Langenfeld who first undertook efforts to actually organize the many photos, documents, and memorabilia related to our club. Following is a list of photos in chronological order. If you have photos to share, please email to the webmaster

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Group Shot Early 1950's Taken by Bill Mattison
Back Row, Left to Right: John Bluel, Charlie Johnson, Phil Sawin, Paul Krueger, 
Dave Rosten, Jack Ripp, Herb Krogman, and Bob Brockel
Front Row: Julius Brockel, Bill Faurbach, Andy Flom, Spencer Oswald, Tom Krehl,
and Bill Ward

THE LATE 1800s TO EARLY 1900s

Harper's Weekly, March 9, 1878

The Charles N. Brown Collection
Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4

Miscellaneous Photos
Early Front Steerer #1
Early Front Steerer #2
Dramatic shot of Lake Mendota
Big Boats on the race line
"Yellow Kid", a Madison B Boat
Emil Fauerbach & Princess
The Princess III
The Princess & Kalamazoo Ice Yacht Club


The Fritz-  A Frank Tetzlaff-built Stern Steerer
Fritz #1
Fritz #2
A Description of Materials, Cost and Amount of Labor Used to Construct the Fritz The Fritz and the Debutante
Jungbluth and Frank Teztlaff on the Fritz 1938

4LIYC Trophy Banquet

The Mary B A Famous Madison Stern Steerer
Mary B #1
Mary B #2
Mary B #3
Mary B #4
Mary B #5

Miscellaneous Photos

1950s at Olbrich Park, Lake Monona
1950s on Lake Monona

Regatta Photo, Time & Place Unknown
Charlie Johnson and his Skeeter "Lynx"

Bill Mattison's Renegade "Honeybucket"
Bill Mattison and Elmer Millenbach
1960s Post-Race Regatta Scene
Three Champions Photo, 1969
The "Honeybucket" heads home

The 1970s

Dave Rosten's Skeeter "Pirate"
Paul Krueger's Skeeter "Ramblin'" 
Mendota County Park, 1977
Fleet at McCormick's, 1977#1
Fleet at McCormick's #2

Bill Mattison's Skeeter "Honeybucket"
Dave Nelson's Skeeter "Sunnyside Up"
The Titanic II

Jerry Simon's Renegade "Simonized" 
A 4LIYC Meeting Held January 10, 1979

The Renegade Factory Series