2017 ISA Regatta

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A Skeeter class: from left: Steve Orlebeke 3rd, Jay Yaeso 1st, John Dennis 2nd, Tom Hyslop 4th, and Mark Hancik (B Skeeter)

B Skeeter class: from left: Keith Kennedy 4th, Fritz Buttons 2nd, Mark Hancik 3rd, Steve Schalk 1st.

C Skeeter class: from left: Bill Bucholz 2nd, Pat Heppert 1st

Nite Class: from left: Mike Miller 4th, Scott Brown 1st, John Hayashi 1st

Renegade fleet: from left: Tim McCormick 1st, George Gerhardt 3rd. N

ISA & Renegade Championship: Final Results

2017 ISA A Skeeter
Battle Lake, MN February 24 -26 2017
2017 A skeeter
Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 6, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank	SailNo	HelmName	R1	R2	R3	R4	Total
1st	U 311	Jay Yaeso	2.0	3.0	1.0	1.0	7.0
2nd	U 194	John Dennis	1.0	2.0	2.0	2.0	7.0
3rd	V 500	Steve Orlebeke	3.0	1.0	3.0	3.0	10.0
4th	V 738	Tom Hyslop	4.0	5.0	4.0	4.0	17.0
5th	M 197	Kenny Whitehorse	5.0	4.0	5.0	5.0	19.0
6th	C 928	Jordan Glaser	7.0 DNC	7.0 DNC	7.0 DNC	7.0 DNC	28.0
2017 ISA B Skeeter
Battle Lake, MN. February 24 - 26 2017
ISA B Skeeter
Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 5, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank	SailNo	HelmName	R1	R2	R3	R4	Total
1st	I 564	Steve Schalk	2.0	1.0	1.0	1.0	5.0
2nd	I 228	Fritz Button	1.0	4.0	2.0	3.0	10.0
3rd	L 219	Mark Hancik	4.0	2.0	3.0	2.0	11.0
4th	L 136	Keith Kennedy	3.0	3.0	4.0	4.0	14.0
5th	234	Jim McDonagh	6.0 DNF	6.0 DNC	6.0 DNC	6.0 DNC	24.0
2017 ISA C Skeeter
Battle Lake, MN February 24 - 26 2017
2017 C Skeeter
Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 3, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank	SailNo	HelmName	R1	R2	R3	R4	Total
1st	I 291	Pat Heppert	1.0	1.0	1.0	1.0	4.0
2nd	653	Bill Bucholz	2.0	2.0	2.0	4.0 DNC	10.0
3rd	V 66	Bill Dale	4.0 DNC	4.0 DNC	4.0 DNC	4.0 DNC	16.0
2017 ISA Nite
Battle Lake, MN February 24 - 26 2017
2017 ISA Nite
Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 13, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank	SailNo	HelmName	R1	R2	R3	Total
1st	559	Scott Brown	1.0	6.0	1.0	8.0
2nd	5/596	John Hayashi	4.0	1.0	3.0	8.0
3rd	160	Ken Kreider	3.0	7.0	4.0	14.0
4th	-/319	Mike Miller	6.0	5.0	5.0	16.0
5th	165	Tony Janowic	14.0 DNC	2.0	2.0	18.0
6th	384	Don Sanford	7.0	4.0	7.0	18.0
7th	282	Drew Vandervelde	2.0	11.0	6.0	19.0
8th	564	Byron Hill	10.0	3.0	10.0	23.0
9th	322	Chad Rechcygl	5.0	12.0	9.0	26.0
10th	60	Dick Grota	8.0	10.0	8.0	26.0
11th	497	Maureen Bohleber	11.0	8.0	11.0	30.0
12th	422	Drew Zeratsky	12.0	9.0	12.0	33.0
13th	65	Gary Oster	9.0	13.0	14.0 DNC	36.0
2017 ISA Renegade Championship
Battle Lake, MN February 24 - 26 2017
2017 ISA Renegade Championship
Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 7, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank	SailNo	HelmName	R1	R2	R3	Total
1st	385	Tim McCormick	2.0	2.0	2.0	6.0
2nd	188	Mike Derusha	8.0 RAF	1.0	1.0	10.0
3rd	123	George Gerhardt	1.0	6.0	3.0	10.0
4th	515	Doug Kolner	4.0	4.0	4.0	12.0
5th	210	Jim LaFortune	5.0	3.0	6.0	14.0
6th	541/420	Don Anderson	6.0	5.0	5.0	16.0
7th	231	Jeff Moses	7.0	8.0 DNC	8.0 DNC	23.0

ISA & Renegade Championship Day 3: Snow Falling On Skeeters

What was forecasted to be a dusting turned into 3" of fluffy white snow here in Battle Lake and the race committee has called the regatta complete. Awards ceremony will be held at the launch.

Picture via Jorden Glaser's FB page. "Sail and boom in cockpit and mast lashed to springboard and plank for tow back to pits."

ISA & Renegade Championship: Day 2

Standings posted on the ISA page.
Good day of racing until visibility was limited by snow, rain, and fog.
Racing beings at 9:30AM today on the west end of Battle Lake. Local residents have been very welcoming to the ice sailors. The best place to watch will be from the Shoreline or surrounding area. The goal is to have 5 rotations in per fleet and the A Skeeters start first. Two A Class Skeeters have had to drop out. Paul Krueger's boat suffered some damage while it was on the trailer as he drove on the launch Jordon Glaser's Skeeter had a front runner blow off. The building wind added to the excitement of taking the mast down so that the boat could be safely hauled back into shore.

Pat Heppert and Bill Buchholz

ISA & Renegade Championship: Day 1

As predicted, sustained 20 mph winds arrived and the first day of racing was postponed until tomorrow. Nite sailor, John Hayashi, put it best with this photo: "What a great day to fix the thingamabobber or the merkel jam."

Off to the annual meetings of the ISA and Renegade Association. Tomorrow's wind forecast of 8-10mph out of the southwest will make it a busy day with lots of racing.
AM UPDATE: We had a very easy drive to the regatta site (except for close to the lake when I tried a few shortcuts which resulted in really getting to know the dirt roads around Battle Lake). It was surprising to see the east coast contingent, Mark Hancik, Keith Kennedy, and Bill Bucholz, had won the race to Battle Lake; they were already set up and sailing! Longest distance traveled award goes to Bill Bucholz of Maine and it's a pleasure to finally get to meet him after all these years of email correspondence. Bill drove seven hours to New Jersey to catch the 24 hour a ride out here with Mark and Keith.
The town is very welcoming and the group is already regulars at the Shoreline, the combination bar, cafe, restaurant, and bowling alley next to the hotel. The wind is forecasted to be "blowing dogs off the chain" today so there's a chance of postponement. But, this is iceboating, and anything can happen! Will head down to the launch site soon for registration. Mary Jane Schalk is handling the shore office duties this weekend so she will have results to me very quickly. I'm most likely going to be on an ATV which means any photos or video during the day will be posted on my Facebook page.

ISA & Renegade Championship Called ON

Find more about Weather in Alexandria, MN
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The ISA and Renegade Championships have been called ON for Battle Lake, Minnesota February 24-26, 2017. Don Sanford puts it best in this email: "Even though it currently appears that we will be unable to sail on Friday due to high winds, the regatta officially begins on Friday. Races may or may not be held. A decision to go into postponement will be made Friday morning. Forecast for the Sat & Sun looks very good.
Please note there is a potential for blizzard conditions along the route on Friday traveling “from the south” on Friday. The prudent iceboater will travel on Thursday to avoid the bad weather. However, even if you are unable to travel on Thursday, take a chance that we are not sailing on Friday and come up to play for Saturday and Sunday. Ice conditions are very good on Battle Lake. There’s room for a 1 mile course no matter the wind direction."
UPDATE: The launch has been changed to the EAST end of Battle Lake. You will be able to drive your trailers on there.

102 Glenhaven Dr
Battle Lake, Minnesota 56515
Phone: (218) 862-2500
Link to map.

231 Market Dr
Perham, MN 56573
(218) 346-2033

Thumper Pond Resort
300 Thumper Lodge Rd
Ottertail, MN 56571 (218) 367-2000

Schedule of Events:
8:30-9:30 AM Register and pay at the landing.
10:00 AM First Race
Sunset Time: 6:03:11 pm

ROTATIONS: Rotations for each day are as follows
: 1. A Skeeter
2. B & C Skeeter
3. Renegade
4. Nite
*2nd and 3rd round of races Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will start at a time announced by the Race Committee.


9:30 AM First Race
Sunset Time: 6:04:37 pm
Evening: Banquet at the Shoreline Bar and Bowl in Battle Lake
6:30 PM Cocktails
7:00 Dinner Order off the menu and separate checks.

9:30 AM First Race