2017 North American Championship Ice Optimist Notice of Race

2017 North American Ice Optimist Championship
Friday, January 20, 2017 - Practice Day
Saturday, January 21 and Sunday, January 22, 2017 - Racing Days
The Regatta will be held at the site of the DN Worlds in the North American Western Region and will take place at the location and will take place at the location with the best ice conditions in the region. (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa.)

This will be a fun oriented event with no prior racing experience required.
Awards shall be given to the yachts placing first through fifth.
Entry fee is $20 per yacht.
Contact Ron Rosten at ron.rosten AT gmail.com.

Welcome to the New Ice Optimist Homepage

The IDNIYRA has announced that a new volunteer has stepped forward to head up the Ice Optimist program.
Ron Rosten, an active Renegade class sailor with the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club in Madison, Wisconsin traveled with his son, Thor, to the Ice Optimist and DN Junior World Championships in Estonia in February 2015. As a result, Thor is hooked on the sport and Ron has stepped forward to take the reins of the Ice Optimist program.
The first Ice Optimist program director, Daniel Hearn, did an incredible job starting the Ice Opti program and putting together great events which included safety, training, and social activities. Kids made life long friends while having fun-what iceboating is supposed to be about.
Thank you, Daniel, for all you continue to do for iceboating
Ron grew up racing a DN in regional and national regattas. He has served as the Renegade class Secretary for several years and is experienced with all aspects of ice sailing and regatta organization.
Ron said he wants to “try and bring in as many new kids as possible. The goal is to run on a separate course from the senior fleet with a group of sailing coaches whose objective is to assist all kids and make sure everybody has a great experience. Look for a newsletter in the fall with a Ice Opti Facebook page. Any ideas and suggestions to get the program off the ground are welcome.” Ron can be contacted by telephone at 608-692-8816 or email: ron.rosten@gmail.com